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Going to college means making new friends, learning how to be on your own, and for some, pledging a sorority or a fraternity. Regardless of your extracurricular activities, you may find yourself at a party or somewhere consuming alcohol if you are of legal age to drink. We can all agree that drinking and driving don’t mix yet people still do it. With the surge of companies such as Uber and Lyft, there shouldn’t be a lack of transportation to and from most any destination. DUI attorney in Mt. Juliet, Yancy Belcher has some helpful tips on how to avoid getting a DUI while you are away at college.

Get a designated driver

This probably is the oldest rule in the book. Having a designated driver means that you have a trusted friend, who isn’t going to consume any alcohol, drive you to and from your destination. It is a simple concept, except sometimes designated drivers end up joining the rest of the party and may end up consuming alcohol, making them unfit for driving. If you don’t have a friend that you can trust to remain sober and do the job right, consider hiring a driver or rideshare.


These days, hiring a driver or rideshare is quite common in most cities, especially here in Nashville. There is no shortage of drivers for Uber or Lyft, so it makes it quite easy to get a ride around town, even at late hours. Rideshare typically is quite affordable, although rates vary, especially considering how much a DUI could cost you in the long run. Fares for rideshare will depend on the time of day, pick up and drop off location, and supply and demand. But, if you split the fare with some friends, it will help with the cost. Remember, always practice good sense when using rideshare services. Rideshare services are easy to use. Keep the app downloaded onto your smartphone so that you can easily access it and order a ride.

Get a taxi

If you want to go a traditional route, you could always call a taxi. Again, keep the number to a local taxi stored on your phone. That way, you are more likely to find it if you are impaired. Chances are that you won’t remember the number to call once you are intoxicated.

Don’t drink and drive

The only way to avoid getting a DUI is simply not to drink and drive. It’s just not worth the cost! A DUI could easily cost you thousands of dollars by the time that you pay a towing bill, pay to get your car out of the impound, and pay court and attorney fees. Also, consider what you would lose during jail time, which could be as long as a year, even for first offenders. Losing your licenses also is a typical consequence of getting a DUI. It’s just not worth it!

You still can have fun and enjoy weekends while away at college, but just be smart and don’t drink and drive. These days, there are enough options that no one should be getting behind the wheel and driving while intoxicated. If, however, you find yourself the unfortunate recipient of a DUI, contact a trusted attorney that will be on your side. The Law Office of Yancy Belcher can help. To learn more or to discuss what to do if you get a DUI in Nashville, just call us at (615) 773-2889. We provide legal services to the middle Tennessee communities of Nashville, Mt. Juliet, Hermitage, and Lebanon.


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