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In order to provide for the distribution of your estate to your family or other beneficiaries at the time of death a will is needed.  Your will directs where you assets will go after your death.  If you do not have a will then your estate will be distributed by the state of Tennessee.  This will cause your family a lot of stress that is unnecessary and delay the estate being settled after a death when you don’t have a will in place.

We all know that everyone should have a will.  Estate planning attorneys and lawyers also advise that just having a will isn’t enough that you should have the will reviewed every few years and every time there is a major life changes like a marriage, birth or death for example.

However for many people they fail to protect their estate by following this advice for many reasons such as:

  • think their estate will be distributed to their families regardless of them having a will
  • believe the will they had prepared long ago will protect their estate
  • feel uncomfortable talking about death or planning for it
  • or simply procrastinating on getting their estate in order

The fact is that many families deal with unexpected or premature deaths of family members all the time.  Having a will to protect your estate is critical and the right thing to do for your family.  Planning your estate is also helps with financial planning.

Prevent family unnecessary trouble during a time of a death by planning for your estates distributions with a will.  Contact Yancy Belcher, Attorney at Law when considering the need for an attorney to draft a customized will.

Yancy Belcher, Attorney at Law is a knowledgeable attorney that can help you determine what other estate planning documents and how you need to plan them to match your circumstances.

Our Hermitage and Mt. Juliet estate planning attorneys can prepare a durable power of attorney and a health care directive, in addition to a will.

Wills and Estate Planning Attorney 

A will can facilitate a smooth transition of assets after death, regardless of the size and complexity of an estate. Have additional questions? Contact Yancy Belcher a divorce, estate planning and family law attorney located in Mt. Juliet and serving clients in Mt. Juliet and Hermitage, Tennessee. We offer free consultations to all potential clients. Call (615) 773-2889, or complete our free case evaluation form.