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Getting a DUI in Tennessee has severe penalties. DUIs usually come with hefty fines, community service, and loss of driver’s license. In some cases, getting a DUI may land you in jail. However, there is another significant impact of getting a DUI – how it will affect your chance of employment. This is a huge price to pay, considering that a DUI in Tennessee remains on your record for the remainder of your life.

How a DUI could affect your current job

If you get a DUI, it could mean that you lose your current job. It all depends on your employment contract as some companies immediately terminate an employee who is issued a DUI or commits any other crime. Dealing with a DUI also eats up a lot of your time. That could mean missing work. If you are lucky enough to keep your job, you might have to use paid time off when going to court or meeting with your attorneys. Plus, remember that community service often is required to be served during regular business hours, which could mean more missed work. Some employers may not take too kindly to missing a lot of time off of work.

Losing your driver’s license

Most people that are employed get to work by driving themselves. But, having a DUI on your record could result in having your driver’s license suspended. This could make it difficult, or even impossible, for you to get to work. However, a “restricted license” is a possibility that allows you to only drive to and from work.

Losing your professional license

If you hold a professional license, getting a DUI could result in having your professional license revoked, which automatically means you lose your job. If you aren’t able to hold a current professional license in your field, then you wouldn’t be able to continue working in the same capacity.

Other ways a DUI hurts your employment

Even if your job is safe with your current employer, or you’re able to find a way to get to and from work each day, future employment opportunities could be out of reach just because you have a DUI on your record. Many employers these days conduct a criminal background check, which could make you ineligible for hire at some organizations. If you’re unable to get a job, how will you pay your bills and survive? You might consider going back to college to get into another career. But, with a DUI on your record, you may even find it difficult to obtain student aid.

As you can see, getting a DUI puts you between a rock and a hard place, but having the help of an experienced DUI attorney in Mt. Juliet is essential in fighting your battle. To learn more about how to get a DUI off your record or what to expect when fighting a DUI, contact the Law Office of Yancey Belcher. We’ve provided legal expertise to the areas of Mt. Juliet, Hermitage, and Lebanon for more than 20 years. Call our office at (615) 773-2889 for a free consult.


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