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Tennessee law states that the gender of the parents should not help or hinder the parent in seeking custody of their children.

While fathers all over Hermitage and Mt. Juliet continue to make progress in gaining custody of their children, the divorce and family courts in Tennessee still need some work.  Mothers still gain primary custody of their children than do fathers.  Fathers who hope to gain primary custody of their children should not be discouraged by this fact especially if they were active in the care of the children during the marriage.

Our Hermitage and Mt. Juliet divorce and family law attorneys are dedicated to advocating on the behalf of fathers.  Attorney Yancy Belcher has been fighting for years for the rights of the father in divorce law cases for years.  Our divorce law attorneys fight to see that the Tennessee family and divorce court recognize the rights of the father in child custody cases.

Education about Tennessee laws that a judge must consider in child custody cases is the best way to help achieve this goal.  Below are some of the factors a divorce or family law judge must consider is child custody rulings:

  • The ability for a parent to teach, inspire and motivate the children
  • The stability and strength of the relationship of the parent and children
  • The willingness of the other parent to foster a relationship between the children and the other parent
  • The ability of the parents to provide for the children
  • The extent of which each parent has been the primary caregiver during the children’s lives
  • The developments and emotional level of the children
  • The emotional stability of each parents
  • Evidence of child abuse by either parent either emotional or physical
  • The children’s preference if they are over the age of 12

Using all the resources available to you and to hire an experienced divorce and family law attorney who understands the difficult and complex battles that Hermitage and Mt. Juliet fathers face in the Tennessee divorce and family court system.

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