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Yancy Belcher has been protecting Hermitage and Mt. Juliet clients against DUI charges since 1999.

It happens all the time that people are improperly charge with DUI or DWI in Tennessee.  Many people do not always understand the importance of hiring an experienced DUI attorney when faced with this charge.  A DUI charge doesn’t always mean you will be found guilty.

Help with DUI charges.

The state of Tennessee has a mandatory jail sentence for even a first time DUI offense.  Yancy Belcher, Attorney at Law will help defend your case and investigate your entire case.  Some of the areas your DUI attorney will look at are:

Was there probable cause for you to be pulled over?

Were proper procedures followed in the sobriety tests or Breathalyzer test?

If you had a Breathalyzer, was that test administered properly by the police officer.

Was the Breathalyzer machine properly calibrated?

It is still possible to defend a DUI charge even if your BAC or blood alcohol content was alleged to be over the legal limit.  Your DUI attorney may be able to have the breath or blood test suppressed in court.  You should always try to fight against a DUI charge.  The burden falls upon the state to prove that you were actually driving under the influence.

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