Yancy Belcher, Attorney at Law is here to help if you are facing a difficult family situation. Below, find answers to common questions asked most often to Mt. Juliet and Hermitage divorce and family law attorneys.

Should I Hire An Attorney To Represent Me?

Hiring a good attorney will do several things for you. First, because we are removed from the turmoil of your situation, we can offer objective and candid advice about your case. We’ll give you the good and the bad, without drawing on emotion.

Second, our attorneys can offer you a host of resources that you wouldn’t normally consider. Our practice maintains ongoing relationships with respected experts in the areas of real estate, accounting, taxation, custody evaluations, retirement and business valuations, and private investigators.

Third, and most importantly, our lawyers will level the playing field for you. Even the most controlling of spouses have little impact on the way we practice law. Someone must look out for your interests. We will stand up for you in a way that you may not be able to.

Always A Free Consultation

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