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Dealing with divorce at any time of the year is no walk in the park, but it seems to be extra difficult when you have young children on summer break. Scheduling visitation or weekends away with the other parent can be challenging between play dates and summer camp. Yancy Belcher, a divorce attorney in Mt. Juliet, has some tips to help you deal with divorce and summer break.  

Divorce and summer break with young children

Young children are more impressionable and vulnerable during this stage of life. Co-parenting and spending equal amounts of time with both parents is essential for young children. Therefore, plan ahead by requesting vacation time off from work well in advance, and consider your ex-spouse’s summer plans as well. Be sure to let your children know what they can expect during the summer, as far as when they get to vacation or visit with their other parent.

Divorce and summer break with older children

As kids get older, they naturally want to hang out more with their friends. Summer break presents a great opportunity to spend time with friends, but that doesn’t mean that you can slack on your co-parenting. It is a good idea to sit down with your children and discuss what they would like to do with some of their time during summer break. Let them know what you would like to plan, and see how it can all work into the schedule, considering your ex-spouse’s as well.

Regardless of your children’s ages, communication is vital during this time. Let your children know ahead of time regarding any summer plans. If your children are older, you could even let them participate in the planning process. Also, try to be sensitive to important holidays or birthdays. If at all possible, try to work it out with your ex so that the kids can spend the holiday fairly.

What summer break should be about

This is a great time to “veg out” and just enjoy your kids, especially if you can take time off from work or if you work from home and have a flexible schedule. Don’t be envious of your ex if he or she gets to spend more time with your children than you do. After all, it’s really all about having your children’s needs met, and that they are taken care of at all times. While you may wish that you could spend more time with your kids, remember to be thankful for an ex that steps up and co-parents with you like a champ.

Lastly, while the kids are away with your ex, take some “me time” just for yourself. You need to relax and rejuvenate because coping with a divorce and co-parenting can be stressful, and the days may seem long. If you are able, take a trip either by yourself or with a close friend or relative. If you aren’t able to take a trip, find something to do at home that brings you joy and helps you relax.

Divorce Attorney in Mt. Juliet

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