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Insurance companies are out for themselves — not you — when it comes to injuries you may sustain in an accident. Why? Because your injury means medical (and potentially other) expenses the insurance company has to pay. In other words, you’re costing the insurance company money. If you’ve been in a car accident, for example, and the other vehicle is at fault, expect insurance companies to push you to quickly settle your claim, perhaps using tactics they hope you’ll mistake for kindness and helpfulness, all before you’ve even had the chance to consult with an attorney. Insurance companies are not in your corner. That’s why our personal injury lawyers in Mt. Juliet are sharing on the blog today several tips to help you deal with insurance companies after an injury until you obtain legal counsel:

Gather evidence

You will need to substantiate your claims, and that requires evidence — and as much of it as possible. Document everything you can from the accident scene. Take witness accounts, notes, pictures and videos. Keep strict records of everything, including communication between you and insurance companies (your insurance company and/or the other person’s, if applicable). Keep copies of all police reports, repair estimates and medical records, including diagnoses and prescriptions. Keep a complete copy of the claim you file with your insurance company, too.

Do not make friends with insurance reps

Insurance adjusters will use all kinds of tactics to persuade you to settle your claim quickly. They’ll even act like they’re your friend. They don’t do this because they are your friend; in fact, when it comes down to the brass tacks, they don’t really care about you or your injury at all. Instead, they care about keeping profits high and payouts low for the insurance companies they represent. Give insurance adjusters basic information only, but do it in a timely fashion; insurance companies often have deadlines for claims to be filed. Do not let insurance adjusters sweet-talk you into giving them any more information than what is necessary, lest you inadvertently provide them with information that they can twist to use against you and damage your case to the benefit of their bosses.

Retain legal counsel

Unlike insurance companies, our personal injury lawyers in Hermitage are your friends and know how to navigate every area and avenue of personal injury cases. They help accident victims recover rightful compensation for their injuries. When it comes to being up against insurance companies, hiring a personal injury attorney levels the playing field for you. In most cases, having legal representation results in higher settlements than cases in which someone is injured and chooses to settle without legal representation.

Personal Injury Lawyer in Lebanon and Mt. Juliet, TN

We hope you never experience an injury by accident, but in the event you do, reach out to the Nashville-area Law Office of Yancy Belcher as quickly as possible. Having served clients in Middle Tennessee since 1999, Mr. Belcher handles various aspects of personal injury claims on a daily basis. Let us be your voice when dealing with insurance companies following an injury so that you can focus on your health and healing. To schedule your free personal injury consultation with us, call (615) 773-2889, or contact us online today.

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