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The holidays are a wonderful time to host guests, family and neighbors. But you don’t want any of your guests to get hurt—especially due to your negligence. How do you reduce your chances of having someone get hurt in your home? Try the tips below as provided to you by your Nashville personal injury attorney, Yancy Belcher.


Make sure your home and any stairs in your home are well-lit to prevent trip and fall hazards. You might have gotten used to a dark corner in a certain room and can navigate around it, but your guests are not. Christmas trees need to be decorated with care—check your lights before putting them on the tree. Candles should never be placed near draperies or the Christmas tree, since they are extremely flammable, and such a fire can quickly engulf your home. Never put lights in places where children or pets can tug on them.  And, never leave a lit candle burning unattended. The National Fire Protection Association estimated that 230 house fires were caused by Christmas trees between 2007 and 2011. These fires included 6 deaths and 22 injuries. Property damages were over $18 million dollars. Never underestimate the power of an open flame.

Straighten up Clutter

Clean up your drive and walkways around your home and remove anything that can be tripped over. Whether this involves overgrown vines along walkways, or toys, shoes, electrical cords, or other obstacles in and around your home, you can increase the safety and eliminate a charge of negligence by your guests when you get rid of these potential hazards around your home. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that the holiday months are responsible for more fall-related injuries than any other time of year.

Put up Signs

If you have a dog, put up a sign warning those who come over. You might also put up a warning sign if you have an uneven sidewalk or any other unsafe conditions so guests will be looking out for them in advance.

As far as your personal safety, don’t post your travel plans online, and be sure and hide presents you aren’t taking with you. If you are carrying heavy luggage or shoveling snow, be sure and lift with your legs and save your back, which can be easily strained.

Finally, take these precautions:

  • Test trees before bringing them into your home to ensure they’re not dried out, thus becoming a fire hazard. This is done by hitting the trunk of the tree against the ground. If a lot of needles fall off of the branches, keep searching for a healthier tree.
  • Keep stockings and other flammable items a safe distance from the flames of the fireplace or decorative candles.
  • Never leave space heaters or food cooking on the stovetop or in the oven unattended, and keep items that can easily ignite a safe distance away (typically a minimum of three feet) when cooking or burning candles.

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