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A car accident is always a stressful event, and dealing with an insurance company only adds to the feeling of being overwhelmed. However, a single small mistake in filing your claim can cost you money you deserve. Many of these claim filing mistakes can be avoided by consulting a lawyer experienced in car accident cases.

Here are five common mistakes made by individuals who do not consult an accident lawyer.

  • Settling quickly typically benefits the insurance company, not the consumer. For example, what if you are diagnosed with a chronic injury after the accident, and after settling? In that scenario, you are no longer eligible for compensation.
  • Denying a claim because of an official statement also happens regularly to consumers. An insurance agent may attempt to get this statement in the immediate aftermath of an accident when you might be worrying more about possible injuries to yourself or your family, or how the damage to your vehicle is going to impact your daily routine. This statement can be used against you at a later date by the insurance company. Never give a statement under adverse conditions, and always do so in the presence of an experienced car accident attorney, who will make sure you are not coerced into making statements that will hurt your claim.
  • Missing the deadline for filing a claim can be quite perilous, depending on the laws in a given state. Each claim has a statute of limitations, but filing claims can be difficult, especially if third-party claims are involved where a severe injury occurred, or fault is disputed. A car accident lawyer will know all the laws in his or her state of practice and make sure each client is not deprived compensation or benefits due to missed deadlines.
  • Poor repair jobs may happen when an insurance company sends you to one of its preferred body shops. Insurance companies do this to save themselves money. The consumer is entitled to use the body shop of his or her choice, and a car accident lawyer will not let an insurance company pressure you to take your vehicle elsewhere.
  • Cashing an insurance check without realizing it is tied to a release is common as well. This means that once you sign the check to settle the claim, you release the insurance company from future liability and legally waive your right to make future claims even if future financial needs arise related to the accident. A car accident attorney will review any documents before you sign them, to make sure there are no hidden release clauses.

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