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Making a will is probably one of those things that rest in the back of your mind. After all, dying is not something you think about too often. The problem is that people pass away everyday, and they are not prepared by having a will. Don’t let this be you. Here is what will happen if you do not have a will.

I don’t have a will, what happens to my stuff when I die?

Not having a will means that when you pass away, your possessions (money, assets, property) will be distributed according to the law in your state. The legal term for this is intestate or intestacy. Although this may seem relatively simple, it is not. When the state decides how your stuff is divided up, it may go against what you would have wanted. Maybe you have adult children, one has a family but the other one does not. You might be inclined to leave your adult child that has children more money to help with your grandchildren’s education. However, the law may decide otherwise by splitting your assets 50/50.

I have minor children, what happens to them if both parents die?

If you do not have a will, the courts will decide who will get your kids, should both parents die. Without a will, your kids may end up being raised by someone you would not have chosen. Having a will means that you get to decide whom you prefer to raise your kids, should your family face this unfortunate scenario. Keep in mind that the courts still must determine if whom you chose to be the guardian of your children is fit to do so.

I do not have any relatives, so what’s the point in a will?

Even if you do not have any relatives, you still need a will. Otherwise, all of your assets will go to the state. Maybe you have a close friend or neighbor that would benefit from your estate. You could even consider leaving everything to a church or charity. A will allows you to decide who gets your estate, instead of someone else deciding on your behalf.

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