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Relocating after a divorce can be an important part of moving on with the next stage of your life. Moving to a new city or state isn’t uncommon for divorced parents.

Many of these reasons to relocate include, but are not limited to:

  • Family or better support system out of state.
  • Career or financial stability opportunities.
  • Moving for a new marriage.

However, when parents share custody of their child or children, moving can become quite complicated. Tennessee has issued a decision illuminating the rights of parents attempting to relocate or stop relocation after divorce with custodial involvement. That’s why the Law Office of Yancy Belcher would like to further illustrate the rights of relocating parents after a divorce.

Aragon v. Aragon

In the case of Aragon v. Aragon, the father and mother of a young daughter divorced in 2010. The mother worked abroad while the father maintained residency in Tennessee. The father cared for the child and decided to relocate two years later to be with his family in Arizona. The mother objected. When the father sought permission in trial court to move, the court denied his petition. Then the court of appeals upheld the decision. The case reached the Tennessee Supreme Court, where it was reversed by the high court. The court ordered the trial to continue, designating the child’s father as the primary residential parent because the mother had not proven any of three important grounds, thus granting the father the right to relocate from Tennessee. The three grounds she failed to prove were part of the Tennessee Parental Relocation Statute, which states that an opposing parent cannot stop the relocation of the primary parent unless:

  1. The child in custody will be in danger or harms way.
  2. The purpose of the move is vindictive or vengeful.
  3. No reasonable purpose can be served by the move.

Relocating after divorce can be a stressful and painful time for the parties involved. That’s why it can be important to look at all the facts—not just the facts about the law, but also about the lawyers involved and making an educated decision about who will represent you. You need to consider the location of your lawyer, and the experience they have. The Law Office of Yancy Belcher is local to the Nashville area, making it more convenient for you when you have to meet with your attorney. Also, Yancy Belcher has worked within your community since 1999. That means two decades of serving clients in Middle Tennessee.

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Simply put, if you’re looking to relocate with your child or stop a former spouse from relocating with a child in the Nashville area including Lebanon, Hermitage, and Mt. Juliet, TN, contact the Law Office of Yancy Belcher at (615) 773-2889. Our office seeks to provide knowledgeable representation, a helpful source of information, and the best possible outcome for you and your family in a time of need.


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