Is the waiting period the same for getting a divorce in Hermitage or Mt. Juliet?

Whether in Hermitage or Mt. Juliet the waiting period is the same everywhere in the state.  Tennessee has a 60 day waiting period if there are no minor children from the marriage and 90 days if there are children.  You will first want to file a complaint with the court.  Once you file the complaint the waiting period for the divorce starts.  During this time your divorce attorney can begin working out an agreement between you and your spouse.

If you cannot come to an amicable agreement on the divorce for child custody, the dividing of property or debt then the divorce proceedings will head to the divorce court for the judge to decide.  This will make the divorce take much longer as the judge will require you to participate in mediation to reach an agreement.  The majority of the time, your Hermitage and Mt. Juliet divorce attorney will participate in the mediation.

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