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Nearly half of all marriages in America end in divorce. No matter which member of a marriage initiates the split, this is a traumatic and stressful experience for both parties—not to mention any children, family members, and close friends. If you are getting divorced, here are 10 tips to follow about this process provided by your Nashville divorce attorney at the Law Office of Yancy Belcher.

You may expect feelings of sadness, loss, fear, and anxiety

Divorce is a major life transition for both people involved. You must deal with not just the end of your marriage, but also the change to other relationships tied to the marriage—including the family of your former spouse, certain friends, and the prospect of spending less time with your children. You also may feel anxious about the unknown future that lies ahead as a single person again. All of this is normal.

Divorce will not solve all your problems

Just because you are no longer married does not mean you will not see your ex again. Especially if you have children, you still will need to deal with your former spouse. The behaviors that caused problems before will not go away; just do your best to ignore them.

Give yourself time to heal

Finalizing a divorce and signing the papers is not a conclusion, but instead a new beginning. You need to heal from the end of your marriage and learn to be happy with yourself before pursuing a new relationship.

Prepare for behavior changes in your children

Divorce is traumatic for children as well. Even if your kid insists he or she is fine, their actions or behaviors will be much more telling. Keep open the lines of communication, so that your children feel comfortable sharing their thoughts and feelings about the divorce.

Don’t rush through the process

Even if you think you are coping well with your divorce, everyone needs time to adjust. Don’t rush into decisions, the consequences of which could last for years or even the rest of your life. Make sure you consider your choices, rather than let your emotions fuel your decision-making.

Expect to lose some friends

It is sadly common that friends “pick a side” after a marriage ends, but this is not the only potential consequence. Some friends may think that the end of your marriage may somehow affect their relationship (yes, people actually believe this). People who also are in an unhappy marriage may not want you around their spouse, fearing they will gain the courage to take the next step to end their own relationship.

Shelve your anger

Keeping hold of anger and resentment toward your former partner after a divorce has been finalized only will harm you in the long run. You will be unable to move on, and this can affect you physically, mentally, and emotionally. If you find yourself stuck with these bad feelings, consider seeing a counselor or therapist, or even joining a support group for divorced people.

Start new holiday traditions

After a divorce, holidays mean sharing your children with your ex and the disruption of the traditions you followed every year. Make sure to start your own traditions, and don’t stay home and sulk if it is a holiday when it’s your former spouse’s turn to have the kids. Go see your own relatives, or close friends, instead.

Never bad-mouth your ex in front of your children

Divorce is hard for everyone, but remember that your children probably still love both parents and may face their own feelings of guilt and loss over the split. Saying bad things about your former spouse in front of your children is likely only to cause resentment in your children—or worse if they repeat the statements to your ex!

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