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Divorce is not something anyone walks through life expecting to happen to them, especially after years of marriage. However, when discussion of divorce becomes a reality for you and your spouse, there are usually many fears of the unknown and concerns about what others will think, especially family. You and your spouse must make the decision to divorce about what is best for you and your immediate family. If through much thought and deliberation with your spouse, you two have decided divorce is the most suitable option for your circumstance, seek the advisement of an attorney. Be sure to consult with an attorney that specializes in divorce and family law to discuss your options moving forward.

Divorce can be a challenging process and even more so if you have children involved. Figuring out how to begin a new life and letting go of the life you once dreamed of is not easy. It is common for people to compare feelings of divorce to feelings of losing a loved one. Except, your soon to be ex-spouse is still there in front of you as you deal with unexpected responses and reactions from them. Although the first few months can be brutal, finding your new place in life will help you establish solid ground again. You will get through this rough patch!

Feelings of shame can be normal too, especially when considering how your family may view your decision. However, you will likely find that most people are sympathetic and encouraging, in effort to help you rebuild your life. Keep in mind that even as you move forward and heal, you may still experience tough moments or days. Remember to pick yourself up and keep moving.

For most people, taking a break before beginning a new relationship is best to allow time for healing. Your heart and emotions are on a rollercoaster experience during a divorce. Taking the time to allow your heart and mind to heal and clear out bad feelings you may harbor towards your ex will help you start a healthier relationship down the road. Although there is not set amount of time to take before beginning a new relationship, every person will grieve their divorce in differently.

During the healing phase and even after, be accepting of the help and encouragement from family and friends. You may need to rely on them more than you think for emotional support or even simple tasks around the house. If you have children, accepting support from those around you can help ease the stress of parenting alone. Know that in time, you will begin to experience your new normal. You will find your new identity, the one not involving your ex-spouse. Although divorce may feel shameful, and you may feel that your family will not be accepting of your decision, remember that they want what is best for you. Also, they are more likely to be sympathetic and encouraging than you might expect.

If you would like to seek counsel regarding divorce, please contact Yancy Belcher, Attorney at Law. Yancy has practiced law in Middle Tennessee for more than 15 years. He specializes in divorce and family law, among other legal issues as well. Servicing the Mt. Juliet, Lebanon, and Hermitage areas of Tennessee, Yancy and his staff welcome you for a free consultation. For more information, please call us at (615) 773-2889.


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