Can you prevent your husband from divorcing you?

The truth is, no. Although you may want to do everything in your power to convince him to stay, doing so may be more detrimental to you and your family. Staying in a bad marriage, or even worse, forcing someone else to, is more of a tragedy than divorce itself.

Divorce is often described and thought to be one of the most difficult circumstances to encounter emotionally. Some people believe divorce means taking the easy way out, but that is far from the truth. Divorce is hard, and it takes a toll on everyone involved, even your friends and family. However, forcing your spouse to stay in a marriage that is wrecked, is more damaging than letting go.

Remaining in a marriage may seem like a better idea at first. If you have children, you may think avoiding divorce is better for them. After all, maintaining the societal norm of a traditional family is part of the American dream, right? Forcing your kids to adapt to a split household or even blended family would seem worse, would it not? Wrong. Letting go just might be the best decision for you, your kids, and your soon to be ex-spouse. However, do not try to go through a divorce on your own. Be open to support from family, friends, a counselor, or an organized support group. Do not forget your kids need a form of support as well.

Although you may not know what the future holds or how you will get there, especially if you have kids, but the next step in life is going to present new opportunities for you and your family. J.K. Rowling states, “Rock bottom became the solid foundation on which I rebuilt my life.” Simply put, life improves not by chance, but by changes that occur. You will be just fine. They will be just fine.

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