Tips To choose a divorce attorney

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As if dealing with divorce wasn’t painful and stressful enough, deciding on a divorce attorney shouldn’t add to the stress of the situation. Here are a few questions to ask yourself when deciding on a divorce attorney and we’ve got some tips to help answer these questions for you. Is the attorney affordable? Do they possess a level of skills and credentials that match your divorce case and needs? Do they fit your personal style, as in, do you feel comfortable sharing personal information about yourself, your family, and your marriage, including your finances? Where do I find an attorney?

The first point to consider is cost. Is the overall cost your top priority? Some people consider cost their top priority when searching for a divorce attorney. Some attorneys are more affordable than others but may mean a less expensive attorney isn’t as knowledgeable or experienced as another. Attorneys are primarily paid according to the amount of time spent on your case, but also how involved your divorce may be. Therefore, the cost of a divorce is determined by the complexity of the divorce if there are children involved, assets to manage and divided, etc. The more factors there are to consider and work through, the more expensive your divorce is going to cost. Also, you are likely to pay more for an experienced and credentialed attorney, but these factors may be of importance to you.

Their experience, credentials, and knowledge may be more of value to you and out weight the price of their service. If you have many components, including child custody issues and financial aspects of your divorce, it may be better to consider an attorney that has experience dealing with similar situations as yours and one that specializes in family law. Keep in mind, this is likely going to cost more for your divorce in the long run, but you will be put at ease in knowing your attorney is experienced with these types of divorces.

Another aspect to consider is the location. You may need to meet with your divorce attorney on numerous occasions, depending on how complicated your divorce is, so it’s important to consider whether or not you could easily visit their office on your lunch break or during other times that are convenient for you both. A convenient location may not always be possible, but consider choosing an attorney that is on the same side of town as you, if at all possible. Location isn’t necessarily the main factor in deciding on a divorce attorney, but at least consider it to a degree.

If you aren’t even sure where to start in finding a divorce attorney, consider your state bar, which has connections to various organizations that certify attorneys in family law. You could research online reviews, ask others for referrals, then begin conducting a few interviews to help narrow down the best attorney for you. It’s important to consider several attorneys before deciding on the one. It’s important you feel compatible with your attorney, as in, they make you feel comfortable, take a genuine interest in your divorce case, and share the same goals as you do in settling your divorce, while keeping your best interest in mind. Feeling comfortable with the attorney you choose is also important, because you will need to share personal information about yourself and your family, including finances. Go with your gut and ensure the attorney you choose meshes with you. Once you’ve narrowed down your list of attorneys to consider, begin interviewing them by having a list of questions to ask, pertaining to your divorce. Be sure to get all your questions answered and that you feel comfortable with the attorney you choose.


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